RD125LC – My Mum’s Bike

This is my Mum’s motorbike but when I was 17 I started to ride it, at the same time I had a DT125LC so I had a few spares. We still have the bike but it is showing signs that we have not looked after it for a few years. This bike has had me off twice and that was due to me rider error both times.

Its an RD125LC Mk1 with Mk2 Wheels and Forks and TZR fairing. I want to restore this one day and get it back onto the road. It was a stonking little bike that even with my weight on it it would still get up to decent speeds.

My Mum rode this bike to the Isle of Man one year for the Manx Grand Prix. It got borrowed by a rider who was a newcomer and wanted to ride the course that year to get used to the Island. She loved it, it was doing about 115mph at times and she overtook a few guys on bigger sports bikes. Gayle was only little anyway and raced on 125cc bikes so she was rather quick.

The bike is a bright purple so it used to get the name ”The Purple People Eater”.