Suzuki – DR350 441cc

I owned a DR350 that had been tricked out with a few mods. The major mod was a conversion to 441cc this gave the bike a fair bit more power. It also had Showa upsidedown forks, the rear shock had a stiffer spring and it had been raised.

The bike was too tall for me so I used to struggle when it came to tricky stuff because I was constantly worried about touching the ground. Also because of the extra power the gearbox had become too short for regular use, I was constantly having to change gear. I did try changing the rear sprocket but that just made it hard to ride the bike slowly in first gear.

Then I had an accident on my road bike, which messed my right leg up so I stayed away from off-road stuff for a while. So the bike got sold as it was just in the corner not being used.