KLR650 Tengai Moose

I bought this bike from a friend after I had my XT350 stolen wile I was living in Cornwall. This bike was stolen weeks after the XT350 had been found.

I am not a fan of Rat bikes and I feel it was a shame to hide the original paint job just because you felt like it.

Yamaha XT350

After passing my motorcycle test I was allowed to ride a motorcycle over 125cc as long as it was under 33bhp (23kw) so I eyed up the XT350 that my dad had been using for Trials events. I ended up with the bike after some nice person decided to steal the DT125LC and the RD125LC which later we recovered just down the road in Shepton Mallet. The XT did me proud as I did the odd LDT on it, used it for college and back then used it while living in Cornwall for trips to college and back and the 160mile ride home. Sadly stolen after a weekend marshalling a Horse Cross County Event. Only to return once the bike was sold to another person and he went to register it with the DVLA. I then rode it in the Cambrian rally as the KLR650 Moose had been stolen to get back at me for the return of the XT.

Yamaha DT125LC

The good old DT125LC, nice bike and did me well on one or two Time Trials and Long Distance Trials.