Matchelss G3LS ’61

My new toy, 1961 Matchless G3 348cc. I have been told this was part of the Dutch Army, I still have to do some research into this bike. But for now I am happy to just clean it. Once I get the docs back from the DVLA I will then move to get age related plates then it will be MOT tested and insured.

I did try to ride it to an MOT but it broke down 50yds from the MOT bay. It was misfiring all the way there. Turns out the valve spring had broke so I have replaced both of them. I also found a few bolts that hold the head on had been over tightened so the threads were messed up. Also, both the push rods were in too tight so one of the rocker arms has worn. All replaced and ready for an MOT.

From the pictures you might have guessed its had another issue. On the way back from Wales one April several years ago the engine lost compression, the piston had fallen to bits and rattled about the engine. It awaits my dad to put back together as he took it apart and knows where the bits go.